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Recktified Music

Goto Go;

Atlanta based future-rocker Goto go; releases their first EP. I use “their” in a very loose sense here, because of reasons that will become apparent. The First E.P; by goto; A four-track vocal-guitar-synth-pads solo effort, “The First EP” reminds me strongly of The Flashbulb and somewhat laterally of Phantogram, two of my other favorite bands. […]

Tom Harrell

They are touring this fall. Undeniably the best Jazz show I’ve ever seen. Ever.

RIP: Logic – The red Light means stop

Our last show as LOGIC was at the red light cafe in atlanta, GA in 2008. Perhaps you were there?

RIP: Logic / The Never Was EP

I’ve been pulling together some practice recordings of my last band, LOGIC. It will probably never be an EP (hence the name), but I thought I’d post a track here as a part of my digital notebook… Enjoy: Eyes are Gray Is it safe, to have a good day? The skies are blue, my eyes […]

Music: 20XX in Retroview

By year, here are my favorite albums. You may notice that 2010 has only 7 entries. This makes sense, because I’m still not quite sure what I think about 2010 as a music landscape. I also resisted adding The King of Limbs to that list, which despite being recorded in 2010, was released in 2011…: […]