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You’ve got a problem. I’m here to fix you up what a great idea! A puzzle to solve; get yourself involved… it’s a start it could be so simple, you emotional cripple just play your part It’s all your fault why’d you do it to your heart? we’re all waiting for your big decision just […]

Getting out of the hospital after a broken heart transplant (failed)

I’ve got good news! they tell me that you’re going to walk again they said you’d need a little help here I am let’s get those legs a-movin’ And the deputy says those charges will never stick and we can go as soon as you’re ready pack up your suitcase baby let’s get the hell […]

Deck Number Three

The night is dust with no stars to speak of only ports on the horizon glowing with tourists selling imported native goods a constant surfe of decompressing wake hisses pure white she begs me to sleep, froth licking up the stern before it’s sucked out to sea a thousand campfires ten thousand bedtime stories always […]

The New Night

Part One Let’s race wheelchairs you and me up and down the teak deck watch a wedding party from on high wrapped in white no blossom all it takes is one positive action to break the cycle repression depression confession. Wake up from your perfect slumber realign your perception of self-worth a new day has […]