Monthly Archives: July 2009

Down the Water Spout

A good friend of mine participated in iMovieFest (now CampusMovieFest) for a number of years.  We talked about doing some comics in a collaboration and I had the idea to take live footage and convert it into the comic book medium, and do it in a very artistc way.  We never made the comic (not […]

Costume Schostume

Plans for a costume that will never be

Blue card

On a recent trip from a northern state to a southern one, I was pulled over by two law enforcement officers, in two different states.  They asked all the same questions.  They were looking for drugs.  There was even a dog involved. I was profiled.  Not along racial boundaries, but some other metric.  The empty […]


I have carefully drawn lines crossed again and again but intersections are important Assembled from spare parts in a static sea you are a code Ticker-fed to nature she is hungry but wise and we will answer a question.


Turn knob to desired setting point away from face Do not stand or sit.

Blue House in a Green Field

As we approached the blue house, the light of the clouds dimmed as though bowing or winking or wincing away Ignition at the center of frame The dandylions on fire a blue ember and we go closer the soft crunch of gravel en route gave way to the metallic grinding of a hundred tiny wings […]

Getting out of the hospital after a broken heart transplant (failed)

I’ve got good news! they tell me that you’re going to walk again they said you’d need a little help here I am let’s get those legs a-movin’ And the deputy says those charges will never stick and we can go as soon as you’re ready pack up your suitcase baby let’s get the hell […]


Photographed in Baltimore, MD, USA