Monthly Archives: February 2011

Fixing Microtome

I have a dell mini 10v, which makes an ideal hackintosh platform. I use Snow leopard for my main business machine, windows 7 for my recreational machine, and linux for various odds and ends. It therefore only made sense to put together a triple boot netbook that would be capable of doing … well, practically […]

Coolbook, Revisited

I got back to using coolbook today, after realizing that the cause of my system problems was due to a different problem. In the meantime, I did a since-ish survey of the temperature of my laptop as a function of the processor voltage and the CPU Clock Speed. To make valid results, I had to […]

Zotero – bridge

With the help of a programming friend of mine, I now have a working solution to get records (with pdfs) from zotero into papers. This has always been a difficult thing to do, but now it is a little easier. I posted this in the papers forum earlier tonight. as a follow up to a […]