Monthly Archives: September 2011

The History of Corrosion Science since 1700AD

I’ve been working on this for a while, and it is far from complete. If you are interested in the history of corrosion science, or metallurgy in general, then you may wish to enjoy this timeline. I am planning on producing a 3d narrated version of this timeline once sufficient gaps in the narrative have […]

Introduction to vinyl->digital cleanup

My dad started ripping his vinyl collection to digital using audacity and a macbook pro. He has a nice Sony turntable and his first effort turned out pretty well. I put together a short, quick, dirty (11:50) video describing how to fix pops, noise, eq and panning using a combination of audacity and garageband. I […]

Using Jmicrovision 1.2.7 on os X Lion

Lion has dropped support for powerpc applications by discontinuing rosetta. This means that Jmicrovison’s mac package stopped working on my mac setup. However, Jmicrovision is a java application, which should be immune to architecture changes! The solution is simple: replace the java applications stub within the application bundle located here: /Applications/JMicroVision\ with this one: […]

Turbo-boost on the 2011 Macbook Pro: keep it cool

I was doing a big transcoding job with handbrake this week. I like to watch the FPS reported as videos are transcoded, which gives me a feeling for how fast the program is working. On my old Core-2 duo based laptop, I could handbrake my DVDs using the ‘normal’ preset at about triple real-time, that […]