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Near Union City, PA

13 minutes

I installed OS X mountain lion today. Thanks in no small part to my OWC Extreme Pro 6G mercury SSD, the install took 13 minutes from start to finish. Impressed? I am. I’m not affiliated with either apple or owc. I will say, however, that I am impressed with OWC’s service and products… they are […]

Jana Scott

Jana Scott is a talented corrosion photographer based out of State College, PA. She was recently an invited artist for State College, PA’s annual artsfest this year, and they wrote up a nice profile in the centre daily times. ¬† ¬†Jana’s current exhibit centers around macro-range photographs of various surfaces in varying states of duress. […]

Let it Die

Final Encore. This video does no justice to the live performance, it just floored me.

Feist plays pittsburgh [updated]

Just saw Leslie Feist and her band last night and there are already cellphone videos on the net… These are mostly out of order and Obviously don’t do the performance justice, or the fact that for an outdoor venue, they actually got the sound right for once, but enjoyable nonetheless. The opening band, snowblink was […]

Goto Go;

Atlanta based future-rocker Goto go; releases their first EP. I use “their” in a very loose sense here, because of reasons that will become apparent. The First E.P; by goto; A four-track vocal-guitar-synth-pads solo effort, “The First EP” reminds me strongly of The Flashbulb and somewhat laterally of Phantogram, two of my other favorite bands. […]