Feist plays pittsburgh [updated]

Just saw Leslie Feist and her band last night and there are already cellphone videos on the net… These are mostly out of order and Obviously don’t do the performance justice, or the fact that for an outdoor venue, they actually got the sound right for once, but enjoyable nonetheless. The opening band, snowblink was a welcome surprise. Check em out.

I recorded the final encore, “let it die” on my cellphone, but I’m not so proud of the camera work, so you won’t find it here, but take my word for it, it was really special.

A Commotion

So Sorry

My Moon My Man

The bad in each other

The circle married the line

When I was a young girl (first encore)

The Limit To Your Love

I Feel It All

[update: added “The limit to your love” and “I Feel it all”]

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