Jana Scott

Jana Scott is a talented corrosion photographer based out of State College, PA. She was recently an invited artist for State College, PA’s annual artsfest this year, and they wrote up a nice profile in the centre daily times.    Jana’s current exhibit centers around macro-range photographs of various surfaces in varying states of duress.

 Colorful close-up subjects include dumpsters, building structural parts and vehicles, although you would be hard-pressed to guess which is which without any context.  She focuses mostly on the corrosion of painted surfaces that have failed to protect the underlying steel, either mechanically, by scratching, through filiform corrosion, cracked by impact trauma, or shriveled by photo-degredation.  I happen to appreciate her work both from a purely aesthetic standpoint but also as a reminder of how cool corrosion is, and why corrosion design is important to our metals-based society.  As someone who specializes in corrosion prevention, it is really nice to see an artist taking such an interest in what is outwardly a very boring field.  Certainly, there are very few engineers who go to school with the intention to study corrosion.  They want to build jet planes, medical devices,  cellphones, fuel cells and nano machines…  By the same token, it is unlikely that an aspiring artist would choose corrosion out of the patent diversity of earthly drama. But that doesn’t make it any less relevant, or any less fetching to the eye.

Mounted and/or matted prints are available for purchase from her website and a local gallery on Elmwood Street, and would make a fine gift for the corrosion professional in your life, or anyone, for that matter who appreciates fine art.

Images © Jana Scott. Used with permission.

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